MLCFC Board of Directors

List of the 2023 Board of Directors

2023Executive Directors

Scott Poser


Mike Vetzal

Vice President

Derek Abrams


Sarah Olinger


Angela Penello

Club Administrator | Director of Operations - Competetive

Amy Clarke

Director of Operations - Recreational

Katie Vetzal

Director of Community Relations

Steven Partridge

Director at Large

Hugo Lehmann

Director at Large

2023Recreational Directors

Rachel Finnie

Director at Large

2023Rep Directors

Andrea Pollock

Registrar | Director of Uniforms

Amy Clarke

Director of Coaching (interim)

Derek Abrams

Director of Long Term Player Development (interim)

Mike Vetzal

Game Scheduler

Ian Nichols

Director at Large


Year End Co-ordinator

2023Appointed (Non Board Members)

Aldo Andreoli

Match Official Advisor

Fab Carravaggio

Goal Keeper Coach

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