House League (Recreational) Division

Information on the Cavan house league soccer program

Changes for the 2019 Season

  • Cavan Early Season Festival – May 2019 (U6-U12) – included w/ registration
  • U4-U12 receive MLCFC ball and bag in addition to jersey, shorts and socks
  • U4-U8 – changes in nights on fields (see chart below)
  • Mixed Teens now play on Sunday evenings

2019 House League Division Registration

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  To make your registration process quicker please register for a free MLCFC account before filling out the forms. If you created an account this year you may login.

2019 Playing Nights (Recreational Division)

Birth YearAge GroupGenderCrestwoodFlemingMaple Leaf Park
2015/2016U4 (includes U3)MixedMonday (6pm)Monday (6pm)Wednesday (6pm)
2013/2014U6 (includes U5)MixedWednesday (6pm)Monday (6pm)Wednesday (6pm)
2011/2012U8 (includes U7)BOYSTuesday (7pm)N/AWednesday (7pm)
2011/2012U8 (includes U7)GIRLSTuesday (6pm)N/AWednesday (7pm)
2009/2010U10 (includes U9)BOYSN/AN/ATuesday (7pm)
2009/2010U10 (includes U9)GIRLSN/AN/ATuesday (6pm)
2007/2008U12 (includes U11)BOYSN/AN/AMonday (7pm)
2007/2008U12 (includes U11)GIRLSN/AN/AMonday (6pm)
2003-2006TeenMixedN/AN/ASunday (7pm)

U4 (2015/2016)

  • Gender: Mixed
  • Crestwood: Monday (6pm)
  • Fleming: Monday (6pm)
  • Maple Leaf Park: Wednesday (6pm)

Visit U4 page for more information

U6 (2013/2014)

  • Gender: Mixed
  • Crestwood: Wednesday (6pm)
  • Fleming: Monday (6pm)
  • Maple Leaf Park:  Wednesday (6pm)

Visit U6 page for more information

U8 Boys (2011/2012)

  • Gender: Boys
  • Crestwood: Tuesday (7pm)
  • Fleming: N/A
  • Maple Leaf Park: Wednesday (7pm)

Visit U8 Boys page for more information

U8 Girls (2011/2012)

  • Gender: Girls
  • Crestwood: Tuesday (6pm)
  • Fleming: N/A
  • Maple Leaf Park: Wednesday (7pm)

Visit the U8 Girls page for more information

U10 Boys (2009/2010)

  • Gender: Boys
  • Crestwood: N/A
  • Fleming: N/A
  • Maple Leaf Park: Tuesday (7pm)

Visit the U10 Boys page for more information

U10 Girls (2009/2010)

  • Gender: Girls
  • Crestwood: N/A
  • Fleming: N/A
  • Maple Leaf Park: Tuesday (6pm)

Visit the U10 Girls page for more information

U12 Boys (2007/2008)

  • Gender: Boys
  • Crestwood: N/A
  • Fleming: N/A
  • Maple Leaf Park: Monday (7pm)

Visit the U12 Boys page for more information

U12 Girls (2007/2008)

  • Gender: Girls
  • Crestwood: N/A
  • Fleming: N/A
  • Maple Leaf Park: Monday (6pm)

Visit the U12 Girls page for more information

Teen (2003-2006)

  • Gender: Mixed
  • Crestwood: N/A
  • Fleming: N/A
  • Maple Leaf Park: Sunday (7pm)

Visit the Mixed Teens page for more information

U6 / U8 / U10 Future Stars Program

For players interested in a bit more than House League but not as much commitment as Competitive


More InformationRegister Online

House League FAQ

Where will the games be played?

U4 (2015/16) and U6 (2013/14) will have the option of playing at either Maple Leaf Park, Crestwood or Fleming.

U8 (2011/2012) have the option of Crestwood or Maple Leaf Park.

U10 (2009/2010) , U12 (2007/2008) and Mixed Teens (2003-2006) will play at Maple Leaf Park.

What is the cost?

Youth: 1-2 Children – $100 each / 3 children – $270 / 4 children – $360 (each child must reside in the same household)

AFTER APRIL 1, 2019 
Youth: 1-2 Children – $115 each / 3 children – $310.50 / 4 children – $414 (each child must reside in the same household)

Financial assistance from MLCFC may be available – click here for a copy of our financial assistance form.

Other areas of financial assistance: Kid Sport Canada and Canadian Tire JumpStart – Call 1-877-616-6600. Based on your postal code, a Call Centre representative will provide a contact on the closest Canadian Tire Jumpstart Chapter.

Can I make a friend request?

We will make every effort to accommodate a single friend request for transportation purposes.

Siblings in the same age division will automatically be placed on the same team unless otherwise indicated.  Please indicate sibling names on the registration form.


What is included with registration?

Each registered player from  receives jersey, shorts, socks. U4-U12 players also receive a MLCFC ball and bag. All registered players also have a pizza party at the end of the season and receive a trophy.

U6-U12 players also participate in the Cavan HL Festival in May.

What are the game times?

U4 and U6 age groups play at 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm, U8 to U12  will have a mix of 6 pm and 7 pm game times. The mixed teen division will play Sundays at 6:00 pm.

What equipment is needed?

We do not require cleats for the U4 age group, however, shin guards are required.  All other age groups: Shin guards and cleats are required.

What about hats/jewellery?

Maple Leaf Cavan FC is governed by Ontario Soccer, the Canadian Soccer Association and FIFA and is therefore subject to the Laws of the Game. Players are not permitted to wear hats or any type of jewellery (necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, leather bands,
rubber bands, etc.)

What happens after I register?

You will receive a confirmation email with your registration details.

A coach will be in contact with you 1-2 weeks before game day to let you know which team you are on and where to get your uniform.

What payment options are available?

ONLINE REGISTRATION: PayPal or cheque (cheque/money order/bank draft).

Payments can be mailed to Maple Leaf Cavan FC, PO Box 274, Millbrook, Ontario, L0A 1G0 after online registration is completed. Details on where to send the e-transfer will be provided after registration.

Payments can also be left in the drop box located outside Surnet Insurance Alex Penello & Associates, 24 King Street East, Millbrook Ontario

IN PERSON REGISTRATION – We will be at the Lansdowne Place Community Booth February 9 & 10, 2019

What are the age groups for youth players?

The youngest player is birth year 2016, the oldest youth player is birth year 2003.

How long does the season last?

10 weeks – starting Monday, May 20, 2019 (Victoria Day!) running until Wednesday, July 24, 2019  (Yes they play on holiday Monday’s).  If games are cancelled because of wet field conditions we will extend the season, max 2 games.  As the season starts please check the schedules page on a regular basis.

What happens during rain/thunderstorms?

Kids love playing during the rain however thunderstorms can be very dangerous. It is the ref’s responsibility to call the game if they feel safety is an issue – this will be done at the field.  Games will only be cancelled if the township closes the fields and players will be notified.

Games cancelled due to a field closure (prior to the game start – i.e. this is not applicable when the game is called on the field) will be added to the end of the season (max 1 game) but WILL NOT AFFECT THE PIZZA PARTY DATES.

Games cancelled by the refs due to thunder will not be added to the end of the season.

What happens during extreme heat conditions?

Games will carry on despite the heat.  Players will be provided with additional water breaks and we recommend you bring extra water to the field for your player. 

It is always up to the individual family to decide whether or not to participate during hot weather.

Need a Refund?

No problem. We understand, things happen.  After April 1st there is a $20 admin fee when refunding players.  As the season starts, if you need a refund there will be a $30 admin fee and a pro-rated amount deducted based on the date and number of games left. No refunds will be issued after the 5th week. 

Challenger International Soccer Camp

Maple Leaf - Cavan FC is hosting the Challenger International Soccer Camo at Maple Leaf Park July 15-19, 2019.
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2018 House League Sponsors

Please take a moment to visit the websites of our sponsors. Without their support the house league season would not be possible.

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