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2020 Cavan FC / LTPD Team Information Updated
Coaching staff and manager information has been updated for LTPD and Cavan FC teams for the upcoming 2020 season.

Cavan FC Competitive Teams

Information for competitive teams

U13 Girls (2007)

League: DRSL
Coach: Ashleigh Bailey
Assistant Coaches: Sandra Dueck
                                     Cam Loyst
                                     Nick Staples
Manager: Theresa Woodward
Assistant Manager: Adam Sale

U13 Boys (2007)

Coach: Chris Revak
Assistant Coaches:  Hugo Lehmann
Manager: Alix Taylor
Assistant Managers: Becky Stevens
                                        Bre Stringer 

U14 Girls (2006)

League: DRSL
Coach: Jeff Merrick
Assistant Coaches: Jill Murney
                                    Kirk Hannah
Manager: Jill Murney

U14 Boys (2006)

League: DRSL
Coach: Amy Clarke
Assistant Coaches: Josh Penello
                                    Liz Shaughessey-Rowe
Manager: Madelaine Perrotto

U15 Girls (2005)

League: DRSL
Coach: Andrea Pollock
Assistant Coach: Guy Hache
Manager: Christina Salem

U16 Boys (2004)

League: DRSL
Coach: Hugo Lehmann
Assistant Coaches: Alex Penello
                                     Marlon Adams
Manager: Becky Flindall

U16/U17 Girls (2004/03)

League: DRSL
Coach: Devon Doney
Assistant Coach: Sarah Olinger
Manager: Heather MacPherson


League: OSL
Coach: Alex Penello
Assistant Coaches: Hugo Lehmann
                                     Fab Carravaggio
Manager: Angela Penello


League: OWSL
Coach: Scott Poser
Assistant Coach: Liz Shaughnessy-Rowe
Manager: Angela Penello

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