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U13 Girls (2006)

League: DRSL
Coach: Jeff Merrick
Assistant Coaches: Jill Murney
                                    Kirk Hannah
Manager: Laura Merrick
Co-Manager: Jill Murney

U13 Boys (2006)

League: DRSL
Coach: Josh Penello
Assistant Coaches: Amy Clarke
                                     Liz Shaughnessy-Rowe
Manager: Madelaine Perrotto

U14 Girls (2005)

League: DRSL
Coach: Andrea Pollock
Assistant Coach: Guy Hache
Manager: Christina Salem
Co-Manager: Monique Reeson

U16 Boys (2003)

League: DRSL
Coach: Marlon Adams
Assistant Coaches: Liz Shaughnessy-Rowe
                                     Hugo Lehmann
Manager: Kendra MacDonald


League: OSL
Coach: Alex Penello
Assistant Coaches: Hugo Lehmann
                                     Fab Carravaggio
Manager: Angela Penello                               


League: OWSL
Coach: Scott Poser
Assistant Coach: Liz Shaughnessy-Rowe
Manager: Angela Penello

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