Technical Training Survey

Please take a few minutes to complete this short survey - we would greatly appreciate it!

MLCFC is proud to continue our pledge to offer more player development training opportunities for all players in our club. Our technical training program will wrap up on Sunday May 12th. 

We were happy to deliver the program indoors at the arena since February and outdoors at Holy Cross for the last 3 weeks.
We are always looking to provide the best possible experience for our players and therefore are asking for your help please to determine whether we should  modify or expand the Cavan FC Tech Training program in any way.
Please take a few minutes to complete this  short survey  – we would greatly appreciate it!

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2023/24 Technical Training Survey
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1. Did your player learn new skills?(Required)
2. Did your player look forward to attending the training every week?(Required)
3. Was the length of the session appropriate for your player's age?(Required)
4. Was the time of day of the session convenient?(Required)
5. Did you feel your player received sufficient one on one coaching/training?(Required)
6. Did your player have fun?(Required)
7. Did you feel your player improved their overall ball skills?(Required)
8. Do you feel the coaches and trainers were engaging and encouraging?(Required)
9. Were the trainer's communication methods effective for your player?(Required)
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